Brilliant Tips for Young Moms: ‘Don’t Let Yourself Be Fooled’

Brilliant Tips for Young Moms: ‘Don’t Let Yourself Be Fooled’

Sleep as much as you can. With a bit of luck, the period that your baby does not sleep through yet will last 6 weeks, but it could just be that you are blink-pitter ten years later best rated pack and play with bassinet. And no, I am not exaggerating. (I never do that). And you also have many cases of babies who sleep through the first 1.5 years and then suddenly start ghosting, for years. And no, again I am not exaggerating.

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Do you think your maternity nurse is relaxed?

Request a new one. It’s allowed. You don’t have to accept a clucking chicken next to your childbirth if you just want to rest, or vice versa.

Yes, your world is getting bigger again for real. 

Only for the next few weeks after giving birth for a while. As soon as you can cycle, your life will be a bit more extensive and as soon as your kid goes to school, you’re your old self again including your old degree of freedom. Takes a while, but the more you know how to value it.

  • It’s okay if you don’t feel like a mother yet.
  • It may take a while. Nothing bad an.
  • It is okay if you miss your old life

Because the transition to mother is just very intense. And yes it changes you, and yes that can be terrifying in the beginning, you may feel that way.

Listen to your feelings

Even if you don’t have a feeling or don’t dare to trust your feelings: 

  • Just listen to it anyway.
  • Well-intentioned advice that you can’t do anything with 
  • You don’t have to do anything with it and you can ignore it.
  • Not everyone fits between the curves 

Remember: the greats of the earth, such as Napoleon, never fit in a blue line at the consultation office.  Never and look how big it has grown!

You can hide chocolate.

The rest of the family has to stay away from it. Yes, you can be afraid of dropping your child, of driving a car, of weird men in the park: that fear is meant to raise your baby. Embrace the fear: thanks to the fear, your child will grow up without accidents or at least a lot less, because you have calculated 453 of them and have been able to give way to the danger.

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Just because you’re a mother, you don’t have to turn into Mother Teresa just yet.

So if you feel the need to do something nonsensical / asocial / drunky, do You are you, also under those new thick layers of lack of sleep, feeding, worrying.

The best mothers are mothers who support each other. So never blame another mother for not giving a bv, screeching her child, etc. etc. You’re not better, really, and you don’t have to rub that in another. Just not chic.

Your work will be an oasis of peace

Enjoy it and don’t ask for extra chores if you have time to spare, but just stare out the window. Don’t let that fool you. Those other mothers have no idea what they are doing, even though they do. No matter how heavy, tiring, crazy, weird, and fierce it is: hug your baby flat. Because before you know it, he / she is a toddler who just wants to run away. (and no, that does not make it any less tiring for you, unfortunately, because that toddler can just walk under the bus when he runs into the street, but that is food for another piece).